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M50, M52, M54, S50us, S52 forged HD turbo pistons 1000+
  • M50, M52, M54, S50us, S52 forged HD turbo pistons 1000+

    NOTE:  This is a custom order product, expect a 2 month lead time though it can be 1-3 months depending on demand.  Winter and spring will have the longest lead times and shortest in the summer and fall.


    If you want to add Ceramic Coating, or Skirt Coating, or Gas Porting, it is now a seperate option that you need to add to your cart from the bottom end menu.


    Turbo pistons for an M50, M52, M54, S50us, or S52.  Designed by Alien Engineering and manufactured by Wiseco.  This is my own proprietary piston design made specifically for 1000whp with thick ring lands, thick crown, and beefy skirts to handle lots of boost and heat.  Of course they will also work fine for lower power applications.  Comes with stainless steel piston rings and .225" wall chromoly wrist pins to handle severe cylinder pressures.  Options for DLC coated pins can be added from the bottom end parts section.  Valve reliefs will clear 280+ degree cams with full vanos travel, larger valve reliefs availible on request.


    Pistons for an S52/M54B30 crank will use a groove lock spacer in the oil ring groove in order to move the piston rings down and make the thickest and strongest ring lands possible.


    These are also designed to sit about 1mm below the top of the block at TDC so you don't have to worry about hitting a cutring if something moves while your installing the head.