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M11x1.5 rethreading fixture

M11x1.5 rethreading fixture

Before you ask, no this is not what you need to fix the pulled out threads in your M54 so don't ask.  You need timeserts for that.


This fixture is for enlarging the head bolt threads in an M50, M52, M54, S50, or S52 block to accept 11mm S54 head studs.  This results in a 30% increase in clamping load over 10mm studs and does not require any modifications to the head or head gasket.  Just retap the block and order S54 head studs.


See video below showing how this works


You can either buy the kit outright including all the tools, or you can rent it.  Please email me for availibility.  I usually have a rental kit in stock but the they are made to order if you want to purchase a new kit.  


If you rent the kit you will get a refund of $200 when it is returned in good condition.