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M50/M52 Extreme duty 1500whp turbo pistons for aluminum rods
  • M50/M52 Extreme duty 1500whp turbo pistons for aluminum rods

    NOTE:  This is a custom order product, expect a 2 month lead time though it can be 1-3 months depending on demand.  Winter and spring will have the longest lead times and shortest in the summer and fall.


    Turbo pistons for an M50 or M52 with our 138mm BME forged aluminum connecting rods.  Designed by Alien Engineering and manufactured by Wiseco.  This is my own proprietary piston design made with a design goal of 1500+whp.  Comes with thicker 1.5mm gas nitrided top ring to handle extreme cylinder pressures and .250" wall, 22mm Trend H13 tool steel wrist pins.  Lateral gas porting is included


    This is a completely custom piston so the ring pack thicknesses, compression height, dish volume, ect... will all be designed to match your requirements.  You can add any option you might want such as hard anodizing, DLC coatings, tapered wrist pins, ect.. at an additional cost.


    These are also designed to sit about 1mm below the top of the block at TDC so you don't have to worry about hitting a cutring if something moves while your installing the head.


    These pistons are specifically designed to pair with the BME Aluminum rods availible below.