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Enem 276/276 solid lifter cams
  • Enem 276/276 solid lifter cams

    Note that the availibility varies. I try to keep a set in stock but they tend to sell out as fast as I can get them so sometimes will take 1-2 months to get more.

    As of February there is going to be about a 2-3 month wait


    Enem solid lifter cams ground to our specs in Sweden. These are ground on new chilled cast blanks, not regrinds. These are ground with a solid lifter ramp profile so they are very easy on the valvetrain. I am profiling all of them to find the exact lobe center angles and will provide them with a set of timing blocks to make them a drop in install. You can just drop them in with the provided blocks and adjust the lash. These are the same cams I have in my car and they will work with my solid lifter conversion that I sell or with the schrick, vac, or anyone else's solid lifters.


    These do not come with a vanos spline on the front, you will need to use the spline from your stock cam.



    lash = .008"

    lift = 11.5mm

    advertised duration = 276 degrees

    actual duration with .008" lash = 280 degrees

    duration @ 1mm lift (with .008" lash subtracted) = 232 degrees

    duration @ .050" lift (with .008" lash subtracted) 228 degrees